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Crutches 02:33
I’ve been running from my responsibilities, and if I don’t look back then they won’t catch up with me. And I don’t know where I’m going, but when we get there we’ll be free, I hope we get there soon before they take my knees. It's all bad news you hear and people wonder why I drink. And all this running in wrong directions won’t take this beer belly away in a week. They’ve tied my shoes laces together, would you fetch an adult please, I hope we get there soon before they take my knees. And I’ve waited for perfection yeah, but all I got was old, and I’ve been living life on easy and still can’t win. Now I’m doing muddy puddles now, like every steps a sin, it's never dry outside, pass me whiskey form a grin. So much distance traversed I’ve no idea where I am, from search parties trying to find me, crutches helping me to stand. Is this a stitch or dehydration? All I know is I can’t breathe. I hope I get there soon before they take my knees.
Good Times 03:21
This rug and my flat pulled from under my feet, so I start the journey away from the thames. To a town that can stand me, it hasn’t a choice, still a home for some family and friends. And I’m grateful to others, cos they took me in, made sure I was out of my face. But A realisation appeared over time, it’s not the girl I missed, it was the place. This was my city once and I will return, there’s still a part of me for the city it burns. This was my city once and I will return. These days I meander from city to town, the villages and places I roam. And the sprawling communities that welcome me in, I feel lucky, it’s still not my home. These are my cobbled streets and the architecture towers over me. The skyline tonight has stolen my heart, such beauty. My belief, that the city breaths life underneath And the memories I lose, when I capsize on booze and I can’t remember my own name. Now I don’t know where my home is, searched high and low, but the compass spins And I’d lay my hat but I always wear it and I end up where this trail begins.
All At Sea 03:11
You talk of your past, as if you’re future lasts, but I’d trade with you appendages, to hold half of what you’ve grasped. But we look back to a time where we all knew the words, and we were lost, and we were all at sea, but this is not the end, no, this is not the start of something beautiful, it’s the death of something great. Now to bite the hand that feeds means nothing more to me, and if that makes a child then, I guess we all agree. I tried my best but I can see that you were never really ever listening to me. Are you even listening? Because I’m not really sure.
Lifes fucking galling, we’re all on our knees Whether losing a loved one, or you’ve lost your keys Making light of the heavy, a flippant remark to appease Any signs of unease The pangs of nostalgia, they pull at your sleeves Flashes of memories, little things you've achieved This isn’t a spaceship, this is a Time Machine If you ask, we’re safe and sound and sound Nonsense and riddles, in quotes and in codes 4 walls heard it all, many drinks for the road And a handshake each time that a ball crossed the line Replays they showed We didn’t ask questions we when we closed the door Both sat in states, reality paused The only time that’s it not, is if we were to stop Basic safety ignored Slip sanity mask, well I didn’t ask I guess it protects us until they tear it down Our visits infrequent, fewer nights now in town But a sanctuary stood in our neck of the woods, Where we couldn’t frown, each time we came around.
Epiphanies 04:02
I travel fast, travel south (travel south) I pen melodies to spite my past (spite my past) Grow less convinced of all these maps (of these maps) I’m well aware of these traps ahead There’s light in the distance, I can’t see they’re blinding me Wait, what was that, does this mean? (does this mean) I saw colours there that I’d not seen (i’d not seen) Head clearer now then has been (then has been) A new epiphany for this journey I take, it’s clear Now I see clearer Now I fly further Now I’m certain Doubt crippling took my years (took my years) Now I scribble down all my thoughts and fears I’ve studied maps and pathways for the fastest route back home Treasured time in company, no I can’t do this alone Each night a thousand memories, they won’t be replaced An odd shape crawls across my face, disperses through my bones
Propaganda 03:39
Conceive an issue. You find without a doubt deceptions more engaging than the truth. Back lash’s a problem; too delicious to dole out, to solve these hidden truths don’t take a sleuth. Or slide this mask revealing you. Do you still believe all the bullshit propaganda that they preach. Shouldn’t you know better? Don’t want to join them, I wish to beat, Non-violent protest always suits my brain. Please do though use me to wipe your feet, You’re locked in secret meetings with champagne. Here we go again I can’t see this getting better, people rarely change It seems like no one’s ever got your back Maybe we could work together? I’d rather stay strange I’ll be a mighty one man army. Am I the problem? Black coffee fuels the flames Does it matter if we’re not part of the team? We’ll start our own one; we’ll take turns with the reigns Just a knowing grin, our talents and out dreams Like the cats who got the cream. Let’s charge towards the door, like we’re ready for war Maybe lets go to the pub instead?
5 Minutes 03:18
Friends, what do you say? I’m trying to stay 3 miles away from our behaviour. The fear’s on song and the hangovers two days long, but does that deter us? I mean, it should, but we’re no good. But we can’t stop being ourselves now for 5 minutes, in the hope that this will one day save our souls. Acting adult’s all camouflage because no one does self-sabotage the way that we do. Where are we to go when no one says no? We’ll embrace our faults like long-lost family. Fashioning brand new memories for tomorrow we may shuffle off this coil, to a brand new box in the soil. So while we’re here we’ll drink whiskey and beer I can’t put one foot in front of the other, so friend why bother? Just grab another.
Hobbies 03:17
It’s been a few hours since we heard from him last, shall we look, shall we go out and look He’s not normally late, so we’ll sit here and wait, maybe he’s at bowls or reading his book It’s been a few days since we heard from him last, maybe fishing or driving the bus But if we were to call or be worried at all, you know he doesn’t like fuss It’s been a few months since we heard anything; we’re beginning to think that he’s lost But out faces exchanged are increasingly pained, helping each other to keep fingers crossed We’re starting to think that you’ll never come home We’re handing out posters of you over town It can’t be your wish to leave us alone no words of yours to carry these frowns At times we’ll catch ourselves lovingly stare, hoping that somehow he’ll appear in his chair. But I’m too scared to look, this whole families shook, hiding tears in our eyes with great care.
Quicksand 04:45
With these fractured hands, I’ll put this back together (The puzzles pieces strewn across the floor) Each victory/ defeat that I have witnessed. (Still clung for dear life wanting more) My statues been pulled down by former champions of my name (Agenda’s change it seems) Now all the questions I have left have answers I don’t want to know. They won’t overturn foregone conclusions, those seeds were sewn. The scaffold on this smile has weak foundations (Could tumble under of all of this duress) Still yet to hear a list of accusations (The summit reached of this unhappiness) I’m no force for good, been damned by history, but it’s fucking pushing it to feign such misery. To hear my name aloud in tense positively, I get confused all lose all respect for whoever’s mouth these words did leave. It’s hardly sink or swim when you try and drown me I won’t sink for long with my friends around me. I’m stood here waiting, Wait, is this quicksand? I’m hoping that you’d pull me out.


Following on from 2015's "Constant Fictions" B-Sydes is back with his second full-length "Self-Sabotage", again recorded with a full band.


CD in digifile sleeve with 8 page booklet. Black vinyl LP with 8 page booklet, limited to 100.

released December 13, 2019

An Aaahh!!! Real Records Release


released December 13, 2019

Ben Sydes - Acoustic Guitar / Vocals
Adam Boucher - Electric Guitar
Marc Williams - Bass
Jon Finnigan - Drums
Paul Goodwin - Piano
Matty Moon - Xylophone
Cliff Ward - Violin


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B-Sydes Cambridge, UK

B-SYDES . Cambridge based indie/folk/punk act. Released his 2nd full album on December 20th 2019.

B-SYDES has shared the stage with the likes of
Frank Turner, Gaz Brookfield, Ferocious Dog, Sam Duckworth, Chris T-T, Dave McPherson.
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